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Everything a freelance translator needs to get things done:

Track your daily work. Manage your priorities.

Browser header jobs
As a translator, you probably have a lot of jobs to manage with short deadlines, directives from the customer, matches defined by CAT softwares, source and target files, reference files, etc. We do our best to display all these elements in a clear view:

— We highlight your jobs for the day and those that are overdue.
— You can add notes to any job at any time.
— You have a clear view of the quantities you have to translate, and you can define matches from a CAT tool analysis.
— You can organize your files with the integration of Dropbox and Google Drive.
—  You can track the time you spend on each job, to invoice your clients accordingly or to know your statistics and organize your work even better.

You can create invoices in just one click

Browser header accounting
With, you can create clear invoices with your own logo. When you’re ready to bill your client, you simply have to send your invoice via email, download a PDF or print it with a single click. You can:

—  Generate invoices in different currencies.
—  Track your unpaid invoices.
—  Group multiple jobs in one invoice.
—  Invoice jobs in one click.
—  Display match details from a CAT tool analysis.
—  Apply taxes and discounts.
—  Generate your documents in any language you want. If your language is not included by default, just add it!
—  Generate partial invoices based on your progress in the job.

You can also create quotes

Browser header quotes
Some clients ask for quotes, allows you to generate this kind of documents in no time. The quotes created with our tool have the same features as the invoices in terms of currency management, match details display, language preferences, taxes and discounts. You can also:

—  Create a quote from a job (or several jobs) in just a click.
—  Keep a clear view of all your quotes in the quote list (containing the validity date and the amount, among other things).
—  Keep track of your quotes by marking them as “Accepted” or “Rejected” (which automatically updates the job status).
—  Create an invoice from a quote in just a click.
—  Archive your past quotes.

Manage your clients: contacts, prices, etc.

Browser header clients makes your client management easier:

—  You can manage their contact details, document language, default currency, taxes, etc.
—  You can add notes on the documents you send them.
—  You have a clear view of the services you offer them with the corresponding rates. And you can work with matches from a CAT tool analysis.
—  You can display all the jobs for a client in particular.
—  You can display all the invoices for a client in particular.

You can generate interesting reports

Browser header reporting
We have designed reports that can answer to all of these questions:

—  Profit: How much did you invoice for a particular month or for a specific currency? Did you do better than last year?
—  Tax summary: With, you have a clear view on the amount of taxes you invoice in any currency for each quarter of the year.
—  Revenue by client: Who’s your most profitable client? You can have a clear view for every month.
—  Revenue by service: You offer multiple services? See from which one you get the best revenue.
—  Quantity by service: You're working in words, hours, etc. ? You can display the quantities you delivered for each service.

Happy users

Emeline Jamoul, In Touch Translations

I have been working with for a few months now, and I can already say that it has made a huge difference in my day-to-day organization and project management. It’s user-friendly, fast and fairly simple to use once all your data is entered in the system. I can’t ever imagine going back to my old Excel spreadsheets!

Marjorie, Mockingbirds Translation

I discovered last few months, and I quickly adopted it. It simplifies my life enormously; I save time billing and the various reports provide me with a good overview of my activity. Now all the information I need (my client database, all my bills, my most recent projects) is together in one place. It is also convenient for updating my CV. In short, only positive in my opinion, and I highly recommend trying it (and trying it means adopting it)!

Laetitia Palmaerts, freelance translator is a tool that has quickly become indispensable to me. With a few clicks, I can draw my bills up at the end of every month and see my monthly (received, invoiced and estimated) income, anytime and anywhere, since it is available from any device and also exists in tablet and smartphone version. Increasingly customizable, it is developed in collaboration with translators and for their needs alone. Just a fantastic tool for a low price!

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Start using now with a 30 day free of charge trial!
No credit card required + cancel anytime!

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Twitter is a translation management tool for freelancers that helps you manage your daily translation jobs. It’s easy, fast and secure. How about you start tracking translation jobs and sending invoices in minutes?

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