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Track your daily work. Manage your priorities.

Browser header jobs
As a translator working alone or in a team, you probably have a lot of jobs to manage with short deadlines, directives from the customer, matches defined by CAT softwares, source and target files, reference files, etc. We do our best to display all these elements in a clear view:

  • We highlight your jobs for the day and those that are overdue.
  • You can add notes to any job at any time.
  • You have a clear view of the quantities you have to translate, and you can define matches from a CAT tool analysis.
  • You can organize your files with the integration of Dropbox and Google Drive, or you can upload files from your computer.
  • You can track the time you spend on each job, to invoice your clients accordingly or to know your statistics and organize your work even better.

You can create invoices in just one click

Browser header accounting
With, you can create clear invoices with your own logo. When you’re ready to bill your client, you can send your invoice via email, download a PDF of it or print it with a single click. You can:

  • Generate invoices in different currencies.
  • Track your unpaid invoices.
  • Group multiple jobs in one invoice.
  • Invoice jobs in one click.
  • Display (or not) match details from a CAT tool analysis.
  • Apply taxes and discounts.
  • Generate your documents in any language you want. If your language is not included by default, just add it!
  • Generate partial invoices based on your progress in the job.

You can also create quotes

Browser header quotes
Some clients ask for quotes, allows you to generate this kind of documents in no time. The quotes created with our tool have the same features as the invoices in terms of currency management, match details display, language preferences, taxes and discounts. You can also:

  • Create a quote from a job (or several jobs) in just a click.
  • Keep a clear view of all your quotes in the quotes list (containing the validity date and the amount, among other things).
  • Keep track of your quotes by marking them as “Accepted” or “Rejected” (which automatically updates the job status).
  • Create an invoice from a quote in just a click.
  • Archive your past quotes.

You can outsource jobs and manage your suppliers

Browser header suppliers also offers the possibility to outsource jobs to suppliers. If you’re a freelance translator working with a network of other freelancers, you can:

  • Easily create, edit and delete suppliers.
  • Create purchase orders for your suppliers and send them.
  • Manage the availability of your suppliers and record the quality of their work, in order to quickly find the right fit for your jobs.
  • Create an expense for every outsourced job, so you keep a clear view of how much money you spend.
  • Generate reports about your suppliers.

You can manage all your expenses

Browser header expenses
Outsourcing, software, books, fuel, phone, Internet… All your expenses can be entered into You can:

  • Easily create, edit and delete expenses.
  • Categorize your various expenses under labels to have a clear overview of them and generate reports.
  • Link expenses to jobs (in the case of outsourcing).
  • Upload receipts for your expenses.

Manage your clients: contacts, prices, etc.

Browser header clients makes your client management easier:

  • You can manage their contact details, document language, default currency, taxes, etc.
  • You can manage your contact persons with these clients and easily send them documents.
  • You can add notes on the documents you send them.
  • You have a clear view of the services you offer them with the corresponding rates. And you can work with matches from a CAT tool analysis.
  • You can display all the jobs for a client in particular.
  • You can display all the invoices for a client in particular.

You can generate interesting reports

Browser header reporting
We have designed many reports that will help you get a clear overview of your figures:

  • Monthly sales: How much did you invoice for a particular month or for a specific currency?
  • Payments: How much money will you receive in your bank account depending on the payment term applied to each of your clients?
  • Tax summary: With, you have a clear overview of the taxes you will have to pay, in any currency and for each quarter of the year.
  • Sales by client: Who’s your most profitable client?
  • Expenses: Two reports that summarize your general expenses and your outsourcing expenses.
  • Performance: To know how much you translate per hour.
  • Exchange rates: Have you always wondered how much money you’ve gained/lost due to exchange rates? Well, now you know.
  • Profit and loss: A useful summary of your sales minus your expenses.
  • Plus other reports about your number of jobs for each client/supplier, your turnover…

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